The 90's Are Calling!

The 90's Are Calling!

And I have every intention of picking the phone up.

Aside from corny article intros, I'm also into fashion, and if you follow me on any social media, taking pictures of myself.

Alianne Cardenas Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod
All Photographs were taken by Ricardo La Torre

The inspiration for this shoot came from a mindless shopping spree my friend Caro and I went on. We were coincidentally talking about the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and how much we related to each character in our own way, and suddenly, in a Forever 21 store... we found gold. And by gold, I mean the perfect 'mom' jeans we had been on the hunt for all day. Right there before our eyes, we knew our search was over, and we had just discovered our newest adventure. We HAD to show the world these jeans, and a photo shoot was the only way to do so. As per usual, when the word "photo shoot" comes to mind, RiRod soon follows.

Carolina Santiesteban Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod

The more and more he and I talked about this shoot, discussing outfits and locations, the deeper I realized this trend went. We weren't only showing off our new jeans, we were showing the newest old trend the world has become infatuated with. The revival of 90's fashion is so iconic, and I needed to find the right way to show that. To me, photography is the rawest form of expression; which is why this shoot meant so much more to me than meets the eye. As I was preparing the looks for this shoot I dug through my closet with my mom, and as she absentmindedly mentioned that most of the stuff I owned she had worn herself when she was younger, I knew this shoot was the way to show everyone how the 90s were the new 00's, and how even though trends change at the speed of light, true style is timeless.

Alianne Cardenas Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod

I hope our vision came across well, and I hope it inspired a vision of your own. #90sNostalgia

Carolina Santiesteban Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod

Carolina Santiesteban Alianne Cardenas Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod-1

Alianne Cardenas graduated from Ferguson High and it's studying psychology at Miami Dade College, you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Second Model:
Carolina Santiesteban

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