What Were Fashion Week's Latest Trends?

What Were Fashion Week's Latest Trends?

New York Fashion Week might just be one of the busiest and most incredible 8 days of any fashionista's year. But it doesn't stop there! After spending busy days in New York City, the biggest fashion icons take red eye flights in order to make it to fashion shows in Milan, London, & Paris! Spectators think the lifestyle is tiring, but imagine how exhausted the models must be!! They go from casting to casting in cities they usually aren't too familiar with. Nobody really thinks about what goes on behind the scenes! Most people just care about what the newest trends are. My roommates from when I was modeling in NYC this summer have been up and down nearly every catwalk this season. I've got the fashion scoop for you.

White Button Downs

The average Joe has a solid white button down shirt. It's all about the basics this season.

Patchwork & Fringe

This trend is a staple for this Fall! It adds a little something to your typical denim look. Fringe has been in for a few seasons, and it looks like it's going to be sticking around a while longer. Designers have continued to make masterpieces using fringe!

Velvet & Fur

Designers have displayed velvet all over this season's designs. Nothing says fall and winter like the smooth texture of velvet. Touches of fur on garments have also made a splash!

Metallics & Black

Models seemed to have rocked one some of the BEST metallic looks of all time! There's no doubt we will be seeing tons of metallic dresses, pantsuits, and even smokey eye looks. The futuristic astronaut trend is definitely a hit this season!!

Cutouts & Transparent Fabrics

Kendall Jenner was strutting her stuff some pretty edgy outfits this during the 2015-2016 fashion shows! If anyone can rock and outfits, it's Kendall!! Watch out fashionistas! Looks like this season is going to be full of scandalous outfits inspired by this season's jaw dropping Fashion Week...

Fashion Week isn't over quite yet! Make sure to watch Snapchat's daily story to catch what really happens during New York, Paris, London, & Milan Fashion Week. It truly is unreal!